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  1. The predecessor of the school,  Longtan Agricultural Supplementary School subordinate to Longtan Public School, was founded in 1924 during the Japanese colonial period. After World War II, Taiwan was retroceded to the Republic of China and the school was renamed as Longtan Secondary Agricultural Supplementary School in 1946.
  2. A year later, the school was suspended because its two-year program failed to meet the requirement of educational policy. With the painstaking efforts of its headmaster and local people, the school was reopened by expanding into three-year program and moved out of the borrowed campus in 1948. Three year later, on its original base, the school finally established its first schoolhouse and changed its name as Taoyuan County Longtan Primary Agricultural Vocational School.
  3. With revenue from plant breeding, it purchased its HongFu Practice Farm in 1955 and was reformed into five-year successive program as Tao Yuan County Long-tan Agricultural Vocational School in 1958.
  4. In 1968, reformed from five-year program into three-year secondary study under  provincial  jurisdiction, it was qualified to have the name as Provincial Longtan Agricultural & Industrial Vocational High School.
  5. Wei Huo Yao, former superintendent of National Taiwan University Hospital, generously donated a 30928-square-meter land for the  use of practice lessons in 1969; later this place was named after Mr. Wei’s father as Tsin-De Practice Farm.

  6. Night school (later so-called  school of continuing education later) started  to recruit its students in 1979.
  7. After finishing its following constructions on campus in order: sports ground, student activity center, administrative building, teaching and practice buildings for its vocational curricula, it was denominated as National Longtan Agricultural and Industrial Vocational High School in 1999.
  8. Comprehensive high school curriculum and special education were included in 2002 and 2008 respectively.
  9. New classroom buildings were completed and inaugurated in November 2011.

  10. In 2013, general education was added and  its comprehensive high school was suspended due to  the transformation to a senior high school.
  11. From January 2014, the school  has been officially renamed as National Longtan  Senior High School and transformed into a  general study school started from 10th grade level.