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ur school has experienced the vicissitudes of its 90-year history—always a thorny and bumpy road. In retrospect, it has gone through transitions of educational system along with painstaking obtaining its base for building campus from the ground up. Up to now, it has expanded to an area of 11-plus hectares, well equipped with gorgeous and well-functioning buildings.


With 39 classes for each grade level from 10th to 12th, we currently have a wide enrollment of students majoring in horticulture, landscape design, animal husbandry and health care, food processing, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, special education, and general education. In addition, we recruit students in our school of continuing education (night school), including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, food processing, and computer science.


Despite all the glories and adversities in history,  what remain quintessentially similar are the dedicated faculty and the supportive facilities, teachers’ endeavors and enthusiasm, and every principal’s competent leadership and steadfast dedication to achieving excellence. All these create an inspiring atmosphere in which the students are eager to learn different subjects, experience life and participate in extra-curricular activities, sports events and art performances. Based on the sound foundation laid by those respectful predecessors, our school would be renovated and refurbished into a brilliant  new leaf of history.